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Devolution within the UK – Debate
Powers for Scotland without powers for England – “Not in my name”
North Thanet`s MP, Sir Roger Gale, has today (Tuesday 14th October) indicated that he will not support devolution measures that address the concerns of Scotland without also addressing the democratic deficit of the rest of the United kingdom.
Speaking in the Commons debate on Devolution this afternoon the MP said:
“I know what my constituents want and I know what they do not want.  They want a solution that is holistic and fair and that resolves the demands of the whole of the United Kingdom.  They do not want a piecemeal, spatchcock deal that once again grants concessions to Scotland and kicks not just England but the rest of the UK into the long grass”
“I can say this very simply: If the “Vow” that has not been discussed in parliament is taken in isolation without dealing with the rights of England, Wales and Northern Ireland then it may be forced through the House but not in my name”.
Sir Roger also took the opportunity to return to a concept that he first raised more than 20 years ago.
“I would abolish the House of Commons and the House of Lords” he said “and I would replace them with four national parliaments, each with a First Minister, and a Senate elected on a two-member per United Kingdom county basis with Her Majesty as the Head of State and a Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  The senate would preserve the unity of the United Kingdom and would take responsibility for macro-taxation, defence and foreign policy and all other issues – education, health, social services, transport – would be dealt with by the national parliaments.  Until the great reform Act the duty of parliament was to raise the money to pay the troops to enforce the foreign policy. Everything else was decided locally.”
Speaking after the debate Sir Roger added:
“It is to me unthinkable that yet further powers should be granted to Holyrood without simultaneously addressing English votes on English issues.  While my own proposal is likely to prove too radical for the Government I would hope and expect that we will take Gordon Brown`s pledge to Scotland and all other constitutional matters together as one package. To do otherwise will simply widen the rift between Scotland and the rest of the UK”.

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