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Tunisia – Group Chairman calls for help - 29th June 2015

North Thanet`s MP, Sir Roger Gale, has today (Monday 29th June) called for government and EU support to help to prevent the Tunisian economy from collapsing with dangerous political consequences.

Questioning the Prime Minister this afternoon the MP, who is Chairman of the All-Party British/Tunisia Group said:

“The Members of the British/Tunisia Group on both sides of the House will welcome and support the observations made by the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and Members who have lost constituents in the carnage in Port El Kantouai. But it will do no service to the memory of those who lost their lives if the Tunisian economy and an embryonic democratic regime collapse and the terrorists, as a result, take control of the one beacon of light in the darkness of the Arab Spring. When my Rt. Hon. Friend (The Prime Minister) receives requests for assistance from the Tunisian Government, as I understand from the Ambassador that he will, will he ensure that the Security, surveillance and Special Forces training support, together with promised but unpaid financial support from the EU will be forthcoming”?

The Prime minister has made it clear that requests for assistance will be looked upon favourably in the light of the importance of the relationship between Britain, Europe and Tunisia and the value placed upon the relative success of the transformation following the “Jasmine Revolution”.

Speaking after the PM`s statement and questions Sir Roger said:

“What has taken place over the weekend is a devastating tragedy for those who have lost their lives, those who have been injured and their families and the Prime Minister has indicated that everything that can be done, including the medical evacuation of the injured and the repatriation of the deceased once identified, is being done.

We now have to look to the political impact of an event that could have taken place – and may yet take place – literally anywhere in the civilised world. We must also try to ensure that the Tunisian tourist industry, which is a cornerstone of that country`s economy and clearly why it was targeted, is not allowed to collapse. The Tunisians are wonderful, kind and hospitable people and now more than ever – particularly in the light of their bravery – they need our support and I am very pleased that, notwithstanding our domestic grief and challenges, the Prime minister has recognised that”

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